Looking to
buy a home?

The Badr Sidqui are the team with the know-how, moxie, vision and established connections to produce results.

    Why do business with a real estate broker?

    Buying a house, condo or any other type of property is, for most people, the biggest investment of their lives. Searches, visits, offers, negotiations, counter-offers, commercial, legal and financial aspects, the process is far from simple. The professional services of a real estate broker contribute to the success of each step of the purchase transaction. In addition, doing business with a real estate broker ensures that you are protected by law. It is important to remember that as a buyer, the client will not have to pay any fees for the services of the real estate broker, since these services are provided by the seller. So, why do without and deprive yourself of dealing with the best broker?

    Badr Sidqui and his team are there to represent you and guide you in your real estate projects. Before starting the research, it is important to know your needs and to have a mortgage pre-approval to have a clear idea of the property you want and the budget you have. Then, we will start the research to locate the property of your dreams. We will be there to guide you from start to finish.



    In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, you will find a wealth of relevant information and valuable advice to help you make your transaction a success. Download it for free!


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